Jumat, 12 Desember 2014

Jumu'ah Barakah,,,Wish you all the best always...

today i almost miss my fajr pray,,then i bounce my self to got wudhu. as i wipe my face ..

 I remember you
 it's always amaze me that i never

forget your birthday,,and today,, happy 28 years old..
I wish I could forget my love to you,,but contrary I've been keep it for 12 years old..

hehehehe,,,, sorry to say,,

if you hate me over my feeling, yes absolutely i deserve..

oke lets make dua..

Ya Allah give him and his family barakah...put him and his beloved wife and son/daughter in jannah

Be a humble person..

happy 12 years for knowing you, in this jumuah barakah in December 12th 2014

Minggu, 21 September 2014

Kucing dulu Ajah......

dikasih ke mama, before I can please her with a baby. Often she told me about my “beauty” –my cat- what she had done. I miss her so much. Yes,,my mom and the cat. My father and my lil bro love her too. If I lay down my head on sofa, it usually bite my head. Oh..seems she tried to give a massage hehehe....

It’s every woman dream to have a cute baby. Soaring him/her with a bunch of kiss and cover with a warm hug. I wish I can have them as young as possible. When my knee strong enough to play hide and seek. I can cook for them, teach them, and see them as next moslem leader!

I wish Allah hear my Du’a.. Amin...  :D

Minggu, 15 Desember 2013

#Cerpen Within an Angkot

I read the think I should forget as soon as posibble, fortunately the things were never able to get into my lazy brain. Mowning as larger as anaconda at 05:45 really helpful  in rising a mood to....sleep again... yer right...I couldn’t resist the temptation you know.
Cheating as the best solution I always praise, ssstttt...almost all the head master in Indonesians school permit this noble action so the scholar can pass the national examination. Hehehehe. Yep I opted this option. So I start to write down such as D.N Aidit, 1965, Trikora, and so on in a piece tiny paper.
There’s many stimulus surround me such as the traffic jam, the others who try to memorise a whole book, the sun’s ray, and the cold air at 06:10. They are such daily fenomenal. I only have to warn my self at 06:15 and the spot I should shout out “Kiri Bang!”
Notice those just need a glance. At a first glance I meet a pair of eyes then realizing it as coincidance. Second, I know he really intended look at me from my peripheral sight. Hence I wear my flat face, pretending I notice nothing.
By foot I walk across the trees of monumen Pancasila, and feel relieve because “I will save.” The bell is ringing when I walk in the class. Fyuh, and be prepared for history class. Second by second I wait the killer teacher. To the last minute I try to craming all I see –not read- in a second till I hear paces closer to my class. It’s not her but the other.
“Guru kalian hari ini tidak masuk, karena sakit. Sebagai gantinya kalian membuat tugas makalah tentang pergolakan PKI sampai sampai Soeharto menjadi Presiden Republik Indonesia yang kedua.
“Hah,,tahu gini tadi gue tidur...”
A week past, at 05:45 a.m and I wanna Glue my head on to a pillow. I spent my time watched Dawson’s Creek. But I can’t do that now, I have to glue some pictures to support my paper. Oh  yeah, one more reason, the eyes I found last week is presents straightly in front of my nose. What the hell are you looking at, huh?
“Aku suka sejarah, tapi tanpa manipulasi.” He smile, and I present a bad lips curved, intended to smile. “Jangan membaca karena hanya sekedar ingin mendapatkan nilai terbaik, tapi karena ingin selalu memperbaiki diri. Jadi enggak ada salahnya kalau memiliki banyak referensi.” Oh God, I don’t get your point.
“Kiri Bang!” Shout me loudly. Thanks God I can force this awkward to an end.
“Belajar lebih rajin lagi ya dek!” “Banyaklah membaca, tapi tetap harus kritis. Jangan asal percaya. Kasihan banyak orang akan tersakiti karena keyakinan yang dangkal.”
I mad! How dare he is! I read WIKIPEDIA!!!


People will wow-ing me at the first sight of my batman-hijab, this term I got from Danti. I like it actually. The hijab I’ve been wearing for the rest 6 months is big enough, and sometimes could cover my hips, hide my S line hehehe. I also occasionally wear “gamis”. And yup, it is the nerdiest fashion I can present to you. This fashion also associated with terrorism. The Question is why I choose it?
I have willingness to not be a Superwoman, I just wanna fulfill my Lord expectation based on Al – Ahzab verse 59. Now, I’m getting better. I feel tranquility, having good c0ncentration, and put Allah at the first before taking my decision.
I worried at first time took this decision. I took parents, my best friends, colleague, into account. It would increadible hurtful if they were left me behind. Gladly it was going smoothly. Yeah, several sentimental comment uttered, all sum up “why did you going through this weird?” I just curved my lips and said a “hehehe” word.
I showed them that my changes, Insya Allah on the right path, conveyed them that i’m not belong to any terrorize organization, and I’m not going to transform my self to be a priest. All I’ve done is just because I really in believing hereafter. And I wanna sure you –readers- my “batman-hijab” not stirred by an extreem opinion.

Jumat, 25 Januari 2013


Hah!!!   NICE TO HAVE YOU AS MY BEST FRIEND DUDE!!!!!! I NEVER IMAGINE I COULD HAVE A LOYAL BLOG READER OF MINE!!! *Padahal isinya beneran enggak banget deh...*
Thanks for your alarming awaken my writing spirit one more time. I have to admit within this  two years  all I see just dark cloud and you know where was this feature emerged. Alhamdulillah they have gone for a while and announce me “girl you got into the next level of life”.
Yep!! Recents days tasks really enjoy to play surround my 24 for hours of life in a day... *lebay..*
Oke..I admitted the exact reason is I have spent my whole time to sleep...hehehehehe...

I miss you all, sometimes I miss our craziness behavior which is can be classified as disorder in DSM IV – TR...hahahahaha

Hope I see your imaginary grin when you read this article...and please never bore to all my stupidity, futility and another lity,,,lity...

Your Faithful


Senin, 26 November 2012


They don’t know there is something wrong within their-self. My hearth break as I know they started realize for missing love from father. Being nothing happens as long as they can do school task and grab a good score.
“Do you know how to make a good decision for your future? Can you leading your self to achive your dream properly? Does your emotion stable  enough? You can learn all these thing from your father. Does your father teach you?” And the answer just great silent, and empty stare.
Some kids had told me about their miserable Dad. No legal statement plead their parents divorce, and following consequences father has to take responsibility to raise their own kids, but contrary to moral expectation, father left behind without any guilty feeling.
“Where did he go?”
“I didn’t know?”
What kind of respond I should give to them?
Is there Anybody want give me  an explanation to this phenomenon? Why such father could really exist in this world?